Why Should You Choose WordPress For Your Business Website Development?

WordPress is a powerful platform that is being used by thousands of companies for the development of their business websites. Find out why you should choose WP for your business site development processes.

Ease of use and installation

You can set up WP platform easily, and save a lot of money and time in development. It also comes with an intuitive interface that can be used very conveniently.


The WordPress platform offers numerous themes that can be integrated easily with websites, in order to offer a unique and stylish look. You can also customize the themes in order to satisfy your needs. You can get paid and even free WP themes, and choose the ones that can suit your needs the best. It is extremely essential to create a unique appearance for your site to edge past your competition.

High Customizability

Websites that are developed with the help of WordPress can easily be personalized for matching the needs of individuals. With numerous plug-ins, you can develop a site that can improve your brand visibility by getting plenty of attention. Custom plug-ins can also be built by developers in order to customize websites in any possible way. It is a primary reason why custom WordPress development is chosen by developers. Plug-ins can assist developers to add sophisticated functionalities to a specific site so that visitors can get a unique experience at the time of browsing.

Open Source

Being an open source platform is one of the major benefits of the WP platform. You can readily find codes and the platform provides programmers with a wide variety of functions for efficiently and quickly writing codes. Even developers having a small amount of knowledge about PHP can conveniently modify plug-ins and themes in WP, in order to provide the visitors with a one of a kind experience.

Search Engine Friendly

Websites that are powered by WordPress happen to be friendly to the search engines. This is exactly the reason why many WP websites are listed on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when you look for a specific search term. The codes are simple and clean, and search engines can read and index them clearly. The platform lets developers add posts, images, titles, descriptions and Meta tags to every page, in order to make it friendly for the search engines. You can even use Meta tags for the improvement of friendliness to search engines.


One of the features that makes WordPress an amazing software, is the variety of awesome themes (web templates) that it showcases. In the past people often get discouraged when it comes to website creation and management, because it usually involves a lot of technical knowledge about web design or coding. This is a major problem that WordPress has been able to solve through its user-friendly preset themes. Some of the amazing WordPress themes are discussed below.

  1. Divi: If you are an avid writer and you are looking for the perfect-looking website that can efficiently accommodate and display all your high-quality content, then Divi is perfect for you. It makes your life a whole lot easier, because it allows you to easily organize and arrange your content on the site. Divi offers you 18 different layout options which are already pre-designed, all you need to do is add the texts you want it to display and post your content. However, if you are the customizing type, Divi also comes with a web-builder tool, that allows you to manually construct your site and easily manipulate the site blocks. It also comes with a 32-language translation feature that makes your website and its content available in 32 different languages.
  2. Social Blogger: This is another great WordPress theme.

    If you are blogger and you’re looking to build more engagement for your content, then this is the perfect theme for you. This theme offers an awesome blog layout, coupled with an excellent writing interface. With Social Blogger, each of your registered members get their own individual blog on your site and can easily create posts, which is accessible to the whole community. It allows your registered members to effectively manage their own individual blog and also effectively participate in the site’s “mother” blog. This theme is certainly an excellent way of enhancing the activity of your blog, through leveraging with other writers on your blog or forum.

  3. Genesis Framework: This is basically one of the most used WordPress themes. It is best for bloggers and writers looking to design a professional and unique site. The interface is very user-friendly. This themes makes search engine optimization a whole lot easier for your site, hence increasing your chances of welcoming more and more visitors to your blog. Genesis gives you the option of choosing between a one-column design and a two-column design for your general layout and it also features a lot of sidebar options. This framework also comes in hundreds of themes, affording you a wide range of options.

Hot Tips for Website Design

Are you in the process of designing your company’s website? If so, it’s important to take the right steps to achieve the best results. Here are some helpful tips for your website design:

Don’t use sidebars
A big problem with sidebars is that they increase clutter. The original function was to improve a site’s usability by showing extra navigational elements. That includes links to posts and content.

However, as time passed slick marketers started to look for marketers to show opt-in forms and other kinds of promotional content. The problem is that it often doesn’t improve the user experience.

In theory, sidebars that contain useful content such as links should improve the user experience. However, in truth few website visitors use them. That’s due to heatmap tests that were conducted. So using sidebars for marketing applications probably isn’t the best decision regarding design.

Use some style guides

These are very popular in the publishing industry. They’re available to provide uniform styles for content. This can include issues such as how dates are written, and how states/countries are labeled.

Web designers can create their style guides to make sure the sites built have uniform styles. This is useful for designers who team up with other freelancers.  A quality style guide can help a team get on the same page and produce better results.

Use big font sizes

Using big fonts isn’t inventing the wheel, but it’s a great feature to include now. That’s because it helps to grow your readers’ attention and puts your content front and center.

This trend became popular starting with a focus on small screens’ readability. However, it also solves other design issues such as flat design and minimalism.

You could add larger font sizes to your web designs. For example, you could use at least a font size of 18 points for your site’s body text when it’s logical. That includes text on a homepage when using a big hero image, or header images.

Make sure to use an Internet-friendly typeface that scales effectively. It’s a better option than worrying about which font sizes you should choose.

Use Google’s Material Design
Google started promoting Material Design in 2014. Since then, digital designers have followed the tech giant’s lead.

If you’ve been using flat web design, it’s time to consider using Material Design to update your website style. The core ideas of the web design framework include layers to make fancy shadows beside elements’ edges. This will help to add style/depth to the flat design trend.

Start the site’s designs off-screen
Don’t build designs and code on the screen at a fast rate without thinking about how things will turn up after edits and cleanups. It’s better to take a new approach.

Instead of tweaking as you go, go old-school withpencil and paper, or even use a whiteboard. That will help to plan your site’s layout off-screen. Thus will help to figure out where certain elements will go. It’s like the work of an architect who uses floor plans

Create extra space

If your site has too much clutter, it can result in distracted readers and also make the website seem too complex. This is one reason you should consider not using sidebars.

It’s also a good idea to create more space as a general rule instead of adding tons of elements on one page. This will help the reader to focus on the important stuff and give youthe chance to build a web design that looks better.

Space is often called “negative space” or “whitespace.” Space doesn’t have to be white. That’s especially true if you’re building a site that uses big images on the homepage/headers.


Web Design Guide

New Step by Step Roadmap for Web Design

When you begin your website, the quantity of space you need will probably be pretty low, less than 1GB, therefore do not pay for many of space that you’re not likely to use. A website ought to be designed keeping the search engine marketing factor in mind. It’s these sorts of sites that take the area of normal sites, and they’re much simpler to optimize as well as to maintain than conventional sites. Subsequently, when you have been seeking the greatest feasible ways on the best way to create a web site or the finest ways on how best to earn a blog, look no more, you can accomplish both using WordPress.

The End of Web Design

In regards to your site, extra attention needs to be paid to each minute detail to make certain it performs optimally to serve its objective. For that, you’ll need to publicize your website. So it is essential your site should do its business efficiently. That’s what you should do when you have designed your site. All you have to be aware of is that you have to host your website on it. If your site isn’t responsive, it must be as soon as possible. Bear in mind that a number of the site which make web design templates offered for download usually organize them carefully.

Prior to the practice of deciding on an internet design company, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that in the event the website hasn’t been adequately designed, it may lead to losses in the sphere of resources, your impeccable reputation and it might also hamper the relationship which you have to your prospective clients. With this price, your site will have additional customized graphics, navigation buttons, and a logo. It makes certain that you receive a site completely catered for your requirements. A site permits you to get more visitors than you ever had. You can construct your own site with the proper guidance and assistance.

When mapping your site allow for the simple fact which you will expand your site to include more info, products or solutions. To begin with, write down the goals of your site and the way you intend on measuring them. Websites are the calling cards of every on-line venture you should take pride in! Please provide the principal pages you have to have in the site. The very first, obvious action to do is to take a look at their sites. So in the event you ought to create a copyrighted website which is unique make certain to go for copyrighted website templates.

The New Fuss About Web Design

If a website needs dynamic pages with a large database to built, you have to elect for simpler templates. One other important factor to take into account when making your own web website is to go through the service free of risk. In case you are interested in making your own web website, then here are a few great ideas that will have you up and running very quickly.

The 30-Second Trick for Web Design

It’s possible for you to get web templates free of charge or at a low-price. Web templates may be used by any person or organization to prepare their website by replacing all generic data in the internet template with their very own personal, organizational and product specific details. Heres where they come to the rescue.