One of the features that makes WordPress an amazing software, is the variety of awesome themes (web templates) that it showcases. In the past people often get discouraged when it comes to website creation and management, because it usually involves a lot of technical knowledge about web design or coding. This is a major problem that WordPress has been able to solve through its user-friendly preset themes. Some of the amazing WordPress themes are discussed below.

  1. Divi: If you are an avid writer and you are looking for the perfect-looking website that can efficiently accommodate and display all your high-quality content, then Divi is perfect for you. It makes your life a whole lot easier, because it allows you to easily organize and arrange your content on the site. Divi offers you 18 different layout options which are already pre-designed, all you need to do is add the texts you want it to display and post your content. However, if you are the customizing type, Divi also comes with a web-builder tool, that allows you to manually construct your site and easily manipulate the site blocks. It also comes with a 32-language translation feature that makes your website and its content available in 32 different languages.
  2. Social Blogger: This is another great WordPress theme.

    If you are blogger and you’re looking to build more engagement for your content, then this is the perfect theme for you. This theme offers an awesome blog layout, coupled with an excellent writing interface. With Social Blogger, each of your registered members get their own individual blog on your site and can easily create posts, which is accessible to the whole community. It allows your registered members to effectively manage their own individual blog and also effectively participate in the site’s “mother” blog. This theme is certainly an excellent way of enhancing the activity of your blog, through leveraging with other writers on your blog or forum.

  3. Genesis Framework: This is basically one of the most used WordPress themes. It is best for bloggers and writers looking to design a professional and unique site. The interface is very user-friendly. This themes makes search engine optimization a whole lot easier for your site, hence increasing your chances of welcoming more and more visitors to your blog. Genesis gives you the option of choosing between a one-column design and a two-column design for your general layout and it also features a lot of sidebar options. This framework also comes in hundreds of themes, affording you a wide range of options.

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